Lucid dream tutorial, if you don't know what it is just stay with me

It is dreams that you control, you can feel what happens and it looks like the best version of Ready Player One

The method I will be teaching you is mild

It is a very good method, you will not lucid dream in the first night maybe you will

This is what you do.

You do reality checks like checking your hand if you have more than 5 you are in a dream and now becoming lucid, The reason you are doing reality checks to often is to program your subconcious to do reality check. The most important thing to do is to make a dream journal, it is where you write your dreams down, this is done beacuse it makes you remember more dreams. Or else why should you lucid dream if you don't remember

I have another technique. This will give you immediate result.

It is named wake back to bed

It says all of it in the name.

All you do is to find your rem sleep. I will write some apps in the side.When you wake up at your rem sleep your gonna be awake for 20-60 minutes and then go back to sleep

Some tips-

When you go to sleep you can just visualize your dream so you will maybe dream that

Another thing that is verry important is when you go back to sleep. You want to say to yourself: I will have a lucid dream. I will remember my dream. Beacuse your subconcious will make it real. But maybe not right this night

Rem sleep checker

The apps that will show your rem sleep is: Sleep cycle, Sleep monitor. And some smart clock apps but you obviously need smart clock for that.


I had my first lucid dream after 3 weeks. I also had false awakening, it is when you wake up in your bed in a dream.

I had 3 vivid dream in one to two week

And now beacuse I make dream Journal i remember 1-3 dreams every day